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Top Ten Dating Tips & FAQ from London Singles

1) When completing your profile
Ensure that you enter as much information about yourself as possible as well as what you are looking for in a person. Inside your heart you will have desires about your perfect partner. They may have black hair and have blue or brown eyes, or you may have a height preference. All these things count when people search profiles. The more you write in your profile the higher the chances of someone finding you in their searches, and coming to you. After all, they know what they are looking for just like you.


Place a recent photo of yourself on your profile. It is important to place a picture on your profile because it will dramatically improve the amount of viewers you have. You are therefore more likely to meet a person attracted to you and in a similar way you are more likely to contact a person who displays a picture that you find attractive.


After registration search all profiles and send emails to people you like the look of, or whose profile appeals to you. It’s a bit like someone coming towards you down the street you like the look of…. but they walk by and you continue on your way. You don’t say anything because they may be married or someone else’s partner for example. People who use this service are actively looking for a new partner and letting them know you are interested in them is easy and has no embarrassment. After all, what’s the worst they can say...? No? – well nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Read messages immediately and more importantly reply to them. It is important to regularly check your profile for messages sent to you. This is because spontaneity is a big part of meeting people online and very much part of the excitement. Everyone loves to get email, especially from someone who fancies them. The email you read may be from a person who will bring true love, happiness and fulfilment to your life, so go on read it immediately!.


Signup! Being a full paid member is important because without signing up, you are essentially mute, and are not able to communicate with other potential contacts. What good is it if you see the ideal partner walking down the street, but your mouth is sewn shut?!


Chat rooms are great fun when they are busy and we suggest all interested parties should log on at 9pm every night. Around this time is when the chat rooms have been busiest, so come along and be part of the banter. Abusive and offensive content is filtered to provide a clean, polite, friendly environment to best allow new relationships to be forged.


Do your research. While we try to share as much information between users as possible, both you and ourselves have no way of knowing what the people that are signed up are actually like. Before giving anyone your contact details or arranging to meet them, build up a nice rapport, start to feel like you know the person well, and make sure you feel comfortable with them – do you trust them? This service provides a place for you to come and find people “per se” anonymously – your details such as email and address are not disclosed unless you give them out. When you decide to tell someone who you feel suited to your personal contact details, start by using your personal email address.


Meeting People Assuming you feel comfortable with a person, you may decide it’s time to meet. If you actually do arrange to meet someone, ALWAYS tell someone where and when you are going to meet. NEVER arrange to meet a person at your home on the first meeting, especially when you are meeting them alone. Make the first rendez-vous somewhere public. When you meet someone for the first time and alcohol is available - refrain from drinking. If you must drink, then drink from a bottle and keep your thumb over the top of the bottle. If you go to the toilet, take your drink with you or get yourself a new bottle when you return to your meeting – err on the side of caution. If you find yourself in a situation that you feel uncomfortable with, never leave the public place. Call a family member or good friend and have them come and meet you. You could let them know prior to you meeting that you may need to call them later. If any harm is dome to you or you receive threats of harm always report these events to Crime stoppers on: 0800 555 111 all calls are treated confidentially. Please inform us as well if any other member acts irrationally toward you if you meet them.


Spellchecking If you are worried about perhaps making spelling mistakes, write out your messages in a word processor first, then copy and paste into your message box.



Make full use of the service. The longer your subscription, the cheaper the service is to use. Think a bit down the line, and rather than simply purchasing one month at a time, save yourself money and purchase a whole year. Don’t forget to keep your profile information current, and update your photo regularly to maximise the chances of your success


Warning :
Beware of people trying to obtain your address or contact details, take things slow and never pay monies to people. Report any person that is trying to use this site for fraud or any other reason other than genuine dating.

If you are talking with anyone in another country take extra care as people are not always who they say they are.

There are many thousands of people who use this service, many have found lasting love and happiness. Be part of it, make some happiness for yourself by joining today and contacting singles in your area. Good luck, we are with you every step of the way.
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